How we operate is a representation of who we are. That is why we like to keep our practice honest and simple. Our main goal is to provide our customers with delicious rice pasta that is of the highest quality. How we achieve that goal is through tested procedures that are certified safe and effective by global standards. We are also a huge supporter of the environment. Our current operation is one of the most environmentally friendly processes in the industry.

The result? Pure and wholesome pasta that we are proud to offer our family and friends, and of course consumers like you.

Our Mission


We increased organic production every years since 2001.

Our process remains the same when working with organic ingredientsnothing added and nothing taken away; that way you are getting the true organic experience.

Our Mission


We were able to achieve up to 97% productivity over the past year by using rework.

We saved over 1 million pounds of rice in 2014 which helps cut down on food waste, transport emissions, and pressure on the environment.

Our Mission


Not only does our pasta not contain any artificial colours or preservatives, our sanitation program does not use any chemicals.

We use high temperature steam, dry ice and water to sanitize our equipment, therefore no chemical output is released into our environment.

Our Mission


All our products and the ingredientswe use are Non-GMO project verified.

A growing body of evidence connects GMOs with health problems and environmental damage; we choose not to support this movement.

Our Mission


More than 1/3 of our employees use public transportation, bike, walk or car-pool to work.

By participating in a greener commute we help cut down on carbon emissions.

Our Mission


Every quarter we will have discussion topics and training sessions that will educate our employees on how to live a greener lifestyle.

The goal is to share ideas and knowledge to better ourselves in our sustainability efforts, either at work or at home.